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Services for the hiring of motorbike with TonyPat.

NEWS! TonyPat has negotiated with the insurers to give you more privileges for the same price (increase of 200,000 baht in case of body injuries to a 1/3 party AND increase of 100,000 bail bond for any severe accident or any jail sentence.).
You can't find better somewhere else!

With the hiring of a motorbike, TonyPat offers several services for your comfort:

- The Third party liability insurance on the motorbike to avoid any problem you could have. (You need an international driving licence (allowing you to drive a scooter or a motorcycle) or a motorcycle thai driving licence for the insurance works in Thailand.)
This insurance (available 24h/24h and 7 days a week with one unique phone number) includes :

  • 300,000 Bahts coverage in case of body injuries to a 1/3 party.
  • 200,000 Bahts coverage in case of material dammage to another vehicule.
  • 200,000 Bahts bail bond for any severe accident or any jail sentence.

- A very cheap price. Hiring a motorbike with TonyPat will cost you 150 bath/day (approximately 3 euros), goes down to 1000 bath/week (7 days) (approximately 20 euros) and even less if you rent the motorbike for a month (until 90 baht/day depending on models).

- 2 helmets if you have any passengers and 1 locker for steals safety.

Useful informations:

- It is preferable to have an international driving licence to circulate with a motorcycle in Thailand. It is now possible to pass a Thai driving licence. Without driving licence, you expose yourselves to a fine going from 200 to 500 baths (4 to 10 euros).

- In any case, all kind of insurances in Thailand will work if you own a thai or international driving licence.

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